Degrading Remote Connect

The current x.28 and previous firmware really destroyed the quality of streaming. I noticed it mostly on the remote connect, but now I’m seeing it in local streaming too where the Tablo Lite just cannot keep up. Is there just too many software features being enable to make streaming work anymore?

Can I revert back TWO versions to get this function working again and then turn OFF the update notifications? Clearly the updates are not worth it and my support ticket that opened in June of 2019 has the SAME issue and is only getting worse.

Please let me revert back two versions and disable the update notifications.

Remote streaming works great on .28

This is how I watch my Tablo about 99% of the time.

There’s likely some other issue here. What’s the upload speed of the internet where the Tablo is located?

I have 5 Mbit upload, but this is purely a software issue in my eyes. I’ll describe the why below.

One thing to note, I do have a VPN connection but rarely use it, however it does resolve issues.

2 Tablo Version ago (I think it was x.24?)
Tablo Connect: Worked great at 4mbit connection

1 Tablo Version ago (I think x.26)
Tablo Connect: Cannot keep up at the slowest speed (500kbit) on different web browsers or mobile devices
VPN: Runs live TV at 3mbit 720p perfectly fine
Difference, cannot be my internet connection if previously 4mbit was working, 3mbit on VPN works, and 500kbit does not work anymore over Tablo Connect.

Current Tablo version x.28
Tablo Connect: Still cannot run at lowest setting 500kbit.
VPN: Struggles to keep up with 480p 2mbit connection.
Notes: I did check my router for live bit rate and it is running 2mbit upload to the internet only, which means another 3mbit is still there for overhead.

I don’t know what’s going on, but the device is literally degrading with software updates. I partially wonder if it’s the Tablo Hardware issue.

A few quick questions:

  • What kind of device are you using remotely to access your Tablo? A FireTV, mobile. phone, etc. Is it hardwired or on Wi-Fi?
  • When you’re comparing results for remote vs VPN - just to confirm, are you still remote, but VPN’ing to your home to access the Tablo this way instead?

We’re happy to work with you to get to the bottom of this, we just need some details. Based on our experience and feedback from our users, we don’t have any reason to believe there’s a new software issue here.

Hello Support and thank you for your response.

Remote access is through multiple devices. Laptop (chrome and firefox), mobile android phone, and FireTV as well. I am WiFi for all, but testing through iperf3 back to my home connection I have full bitrate available. Iperf3 server is also on my home network and client is my device.

Your second point, yes I’m still at a different geographical location and network when using both Remote Connect vs VPN. To note, VPN server is on my network and client is remote (Laptop).

The reason I strongly believe it’s software related is I can have like for like testing between Tablo’s firmware and older firmware works but newer firmware doesn’t even though nothing has changed elsewhere. Same bitrate, network, software settings on the Tablo, devices. I’m always welcome to have a call with your team to review.