Decided the Tablo is not really what I want

After a lot of deliberation I decided that the Tablo setup is not for me, so is anyone interested in taking them off my hands with a reasonable offer? I have the following items available:

  • Tablo 4-Tuner: Mint condition and in box. Originally cost $300.
  • 1TB WD HDD: Mint condition and used with the Tablo only. Originally cost $60.
  • Tablo Lifetime Subscription: Not 100% sure how to transfer this but willing to try. Originally cost $150.
  • Mohu Leaf 50: Minimal UV discoloring on the white side, but these things can be spray painted to match décor anyway. Originally cost $70.


Ok scratch the resell of the lifetime subscription. For whatever inexplicable reason, this appears to be against the agreement.

Unfortunately the lifetime subscription is not transferable. What are you asking for the Tablo, etc? What is your location?


asking price?

You can transfer your subscription.
You just need Nuvyyo’s consent.
Ask them to make it happen.
Other’s have successfully done it.

Line 16…
No Assignment. You may not assign or transfer any interest under this Agreement without the written consent of Nuvyyo.

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Would you sell the lot for $175 plus shipping?

Well I put it up on Ebay in the hopes of a more reasonable offer, since the Tablo and HDD cost around $365 new.

Sold for $235? Someone got a good deal!

It was a great deal, but at least better than the $175 I was offered. :slightly_smiling:

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TABLO is selling the 4 tuner model refurbished (probably new) on Amazon for $248, $4 shipping.