Decent review on wired today

I think we could have scored an 8/10 if he had used the Roku update and had the ‘download’ feature done. I’ll take a 7/10 though :) 

Totally agree.  Its a solid 8/10 with the update.  However, i think he’s hung up on the tune time, which is still a little long (10-15 sec) which might turn off some users who are used to 1-3 second tunes with a cable subscription.

Yep, it’s a different paradigm between the ‘channel surfing’ on cable. 

I was THE WORST channel surfer in my day, so much so that my husband complained that I was always watching two shows at once… But I was only doing that because I had to choose between a rerun of House Hunters and a rerun of Pawn Stars. 

Since we became cord cutters, I find it’s a much more ACTIVE watching. You choose what you want to watch, when you want to watch it and you’re not flipping back and forth between two equally crappy options. 

And glad you’re feeling 8/10 again @tacopeland  :-bd  Hopefully we can get a couple extra points as we work to add new features over the coming months.

What, no chuck norris thumbs up GIF today?  lol

Just for you:

When was the roku channel updated?  I am using ROKU on all 3 tvs and want to make sure I didn’t miss an update.   Also, what is the download feature you are referring to?

@wkufan92 - The Roku update happened last Friday and the update on the Roku side of the fence is automatic after 24 hours. There were some matching Tablo updates as well so make sure you’re on Tablo firmware 2.1.10.

The download feature is ‘downloading a show for offline viewing’.