Dealing with Failed Recordings. What are my options?

Occasionally recordings fail. Not too many.  I go into Recordings.  Look at Failed. I see the symbol that means it failed.  What are my options at this point?  Only thing I can do is to “Delete Recording”.  It asks if I am sure I want to do this.  I don’t know why it asks me this because I can’t watch it and as far as I know, it won’t attempt to re-record.  Correct? 

Failed recordings are just there to show that they failed.  You really can’t do anything with them except delete them.  

Now if the show is repeated later that week, it supposedly will try to re-record it (according to Tablo Support).  

I would go ahead and open up a support ticket with Tablo before you delete the recordings, as support can look at the logs on your Tablo and at least see why it failed.  

I’d search the forums, I know in the past Tablo support gave some pretty good answers for what causes them to fail.  For example, a problem with the USB HD (maybe it goes to sleep) or maybe just a signal reception issue (if less than so many minutes record, it’s considered a fail).

@HappyUser There’s some good responses here from @snowcat and @cjcox. We can always check your logs to see why the recordings failed, but it’s usually one of a few reasons:

The HD you’re using could be corrupt or experiencing connection failures, the reception/signal could be bad at the time of the recording, or the Tablo could have rebooted during the recording.

Fortunately, we’ll be adding some new logic to this process in our next release which will really mitigate the impact of failed recording(s).