DAY 1 - No guide, can't scroll through channels in browser


Just unpacked and installed my Tablo.

From my understanding…if I don’t subscribe, I get a 24 hour guide…but my guide is blank
Also, when in the browser (Chrome, Safari) I can’t scroll down the listings.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve clicked update guide…says it’s complete but nothing appears…just an empty grid
When I set the timer to record a single show, the Scheduled window remains blank.

My recording is no where to be found either. I set it for 30 min from 8-8:30 PM…empty Recordings window as well.

WTF mates?

Actually, if you don’t subscribe you get no guide data, just channel numbers. But if the Tablo is new, you will get 30 days of a free guide to try out.

It usually takes a few hours the first time you use the Tablo to populate all your guide data (don’t ask me why it takes so long). So I would just wait and everything should be there in an hour or two.

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So what is the “Subscription” that’s “Included” with a tablo?

The subscription is to receive the guide data.
The Tablo comes with a 1 month free subscription.
After that, you can choose:

  1. No subscription, and get no guide data.
  2. Monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscription, which gives you guide data.

With no guide data, you can still watch Live TV, and, I believe, even set manual recordings.
Not optimal, but it does work.

lol… I just read the link you provided, and it’s even a more clear explanation of what you get with, and without a subscription.

@sciampa - If you still don’t see anything, try using a nearby zip or postal code. Some newer neighborhoods may not have guide data associated with the codes. If you’re still having troubles, give us a ring and we’ll get you hooked up:

okay. my neighborhood is three years old and it tool a while for Google to update it’s maps with our street.

I’ll try tonight and report back.


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@sciampa - If you don’t mind, let us know what zip/postal you were trying to use so we can make sure it gets updated for future Tablo users in your hood.

Just sent!

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One more thing…I have a Refurb and was not prompted for my 30 day free trial. Can you do something on your end to ‘reset’ the hardware so I can take advantage of the trial??

@sciampa - There won’t be any prompt in the software. You should have access right out of the box if your refurb is from us.

Just an FYI, Tablo Support has confirmed that if you don’t subscribe, you will only receive a 24 hour guide.

Also, with the assistance of Tablo Support, my Tablo appears to functioning. Recorded a couple of shows over the weekend, but experienced issues with play back…play would stop and would restart at the previous start point. This maybe be a wifi connection issue with my network.

Will test on a wired media player.


out of curiosity, what quality setting are you recording at?

5 Mbps