Database Repair User Option

As Forest Gump somewhat said “merd happens”.

I have had several database problems that required remote intervention by Tablo Tech Support. I believe the TABLO OS should have a built-in in-depth database repair utility similar to the Microsoft Windows chkdsk/scandisk utilities that can be run manually as the user sees the need to do so.

I suspect Tablo Tech Support engineers run such utilities remotely when fixing my system, so why not make the procedure a local process?

It seems to me this would eliminate a lot of wasted time and energy on both sides of the border.


Good idea

There are improvements being introduced that will automate this process - and altogether prevent this from happening. These kinds of changes require root access to the system, and wouldn’t really be worth the effort in streamlining considering how rare they are.

That said, @Wolfpack’s seen this behaviour more often than we’d expect. We’re troubleshooting with him privately to gain more insight into the setup and environment of the unit.