Data usage & Airplay

I have a 2-tuner Tablo and use Airplay from an iPad to watch on my TV, and sometimes my family will watch directly on an iPad or iPhone.

From what I read on the forums, I understood that using Tablo would not use my internet bandwidth because the traffic is all internal (antenna, Tablo, iPad, Airplay to TV). However, I am now questioning my understanding of the setup because we have twice gone over my ISP 300GB cap. Yesterday, for example, we watched a couple of hours on Tablo in the evening and no one was home during the day. Today when I look at the usage on my ISP’s monitoring page, it shows 12GB for yesterday alone.

And yes, I have validated that there are no unknown devices or users on my network, and it is password protected etc.

Can anyone tell me if my understanding of bandwidth usage and Tablo is correct? I want to figure out where the usage is coming from and hopefully isolate the cause eventually.

Does your iPad have 4G or LTE capabilities?

If not, then no everything will be over the local network and no use your internet usage.

Yes, that is correct - iPad is wifi only

I was wondering this too. But I have been using Tablo about a month now and I have seen no increase of bandwidth and we leave it on for hours sometimes just because be walk away from the tv and forget its on. So let us know what you find out about the usage from yesterday that you see.

Have you been updating your Tablo and/or Roku? The app/firmware updates do use internet data.

I’m not an apple user but I remember reading about iOS9 (?) causing huge spikes in data usage as it will drop off wifi and revert to LTE if it senses it’s a stronger signal. You have to change that setting in iOS9 to fix it. Check this out:

I believe so on Tablo (think they are happening automatically). I don’t have Roku.

How often do the Tablo updates happen and how much data do they use? My usage is an ongoing problem (daily), and in volume greater than what I assume an update would use.

Interesting article. For me the issue is internet bandwidth (wifi) rather than cell data.

Sorry about that…didn’t pay enough attention.

iPad to AppleTV shouldn’t use WAN data. Airplay’s LAN only and when my ISP goes down I can still Airplay anything that’s local on my LAN wifi network. I use Apple base station router.

The only way I can envision Tablo might be using WAN data would be someone streaming from outside LAN? Are phone users connecting only via wifi? My wife sometimes doesn’t always realize when her phone’s on LAN wifi or mobile LTE/4G data.

Any streaming services, Hulu, Netflix, iTunes store, etc? 12GB is a lot of video.