CW to Move from WLVI to WHDH in the Boston Market

I am very excited about this since I live 40+ miles West of Boston and I don’t always get great CW reception but do get WHDH as the best quality of all my OTA channels. Since WHDH (Channel 7) lost NBC and has gone to primarily the news, I have been wondering since it is the same owner as WLVI (Channel 56) if they would be switching the CW from WLVI over to a more powerful transmitter in WHDH. Well I sent an email to the station yesterday and got this response.

“We are scheduled to make this change on January 9th at 10am. We will have information on our websites prior to the change.”

Can’t wait!


thanks for the update… any news bout where the CW will end up (not that I watch their shows)…

As stated, they will end up at WHDH Channel 7. That was the entire point of the post. :slight_smile:

Ah ok I didn realize they were switching … I thought it was just one way.