Cutting the cord - tell your story

It does. It may all work. But you may have to get a better antenna.

As well, what is the make and model of your router? Your WiFi may too slow for local HD streaming from the Tablo.

But I say try it all out. If you have pixelation issues then the antenna signal is too low and you’ll need a real antenna. If you have buffering issues then the WiFi is too slow.

Thanks. I have Uverse router with 45 Mbps. I’ll try it out after the Apple app comes out.

The rabbit ears won’t cut it with Tablo. The term HD as it app!ies to antennas is bogus. Antennas don’t distinguish between HD or SD only frequency. Get a good outdoor antenna or try one of the better indoor antennas. You will very likely need an amp!ifier if splitting your signal.

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HI. Thanks for the reply, I will definitely look at getting a different antenna. I used my old rabbit ears primarily to find out what channels I was capable of receiving.

I live outside of Montreal and I started by building myself an antenna and trying to see what channels I could get. After seeing it was possible I contacted a professional installer, Techno-Numerique, and told him I need to get the PBS station from South of the border and the standard local stations. He recommend a Channel Master 4228 which he installed on the chimney. Because of the geography of the TV stations the antenna was pointed to be able to receive both local and the required PBS channels. The signal comes thru a amp/splitter and feeds the TV & the Tablo. I chose the Tablo as the recording device over the HomeRun because combined all of the tuners I fear I needed in one box. I use a NEXUS Player to interface into the TV but I wish I could hard wire HDMI right into the TABLO because I am not the only user it would be easiest that all happens with the least possible button presses as is the case on my Fibe system.

If you have any questions fell free to ask.