Couple of issues / questions


  1. Apple TV, how to fast forward manually? I only see 10 second skip… If I want to go to the middle of the show, it takes forever.

  2. If I delete a recording by mistake, is there anyway to recover it? If not, I think it would be cool to have a folder if a recording gets delete to recover it for 2-3 days? If not, it deletes it or you can empty it manually.

  3. Couple of times I was watching a TV show, I go back to it and it starts from the beginning… Anyway to stop that?

  4. Recording a live TV show (AGT for example) it records 1 hour longer than it should… Anyway to stop the extra hour? I do not have extended time enabled for it.

  5. I don’t feel comfortable opening up ports on my firewall so I can watch it outside my house… Is a P2P server in the works? Also, if the Tablo is on DHCP and gets a new IP, the port forwarding wouldn’t work, right? It would need to be set to static?

Thanks in advance.

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