Count of recordings on Recordings Thumbnails is wrong

Walking through my shows to do the weekly cleaning of extras, I note that some times the thumbnail displays a number in the upper right corner that I assumed meant how many recordings there are. I just opened one that said “3” but found five. Three of them had blue circles; coincidence or is that what is being counted? If so, what is the meaning of the circle?

The blue circles identify unwatched episodes, and that is what is being counted. If a show is partially watched it will appear as a half-circle.

I have this problem also. Will not have viewed or accessed any of the recordings, and thumbnail upper right blue corner will read “3” meaning I’ve recorded 3 episodes, but there are actually 8 episodes. Many are like this.
Other times I don’t have any thumbnail showing any recordings, but somehow they show up days later.

Number of unwatched (not completely watched) is what it ideally means. Play with the Watched/Unwatched setting for a recording and see what the number does.