Couldn't watch local TV this morning because was down?

I couldn’t believe it this morning. I couldn’t watch my local OTA TV and my local recorded TV that is in my house because the site was inaccessible.

This is unacceptable. Seriously. Tablo needs a way of operating without having to call home and it should also have redundancy of the back end systems. There are cloud components to this but I don’t understand why I couldn’t at least use the content stored in my house or being broadcast OTA.

I’m very disappointed. I never even considered this would be designed with a single point of failure and no redundancy (at least none that worked) in place.

Tell me this ain’t so. Or if it is, it is being properly addressed.


I had a strange problem this morning as well, in that I couldn’t access Tablo with the Chrome web browser on either my laptop or my tablet computers, both running Windows 10. Interestingly, I was able to get access to Tablo on my Roku. Also noticed that the guide hadn’t updated at the time it normally would.

It was unclear to me whether this was strictly a Tablo issue as I was having other network problems. There were some web sites that I was unable to access for a while. Before I could investigate/troubleshoot further, everything returned to normal.

Roku is a LAN based media play and doesn’t need the WAN. Chrome browser is a WEB based player and not only needs the WAN but also a WEB server/services.

That happened to me too. It only affected the web server and apps. It seems to be back again. Maybe their server was down for maintenance.

Sorry guys! Our server providers did have a short unplanned interruption this morning. Seems to be under control now so let’s hope it stays that way.

Mine was down on Roku TV, android, Kindle & Chrome, but working on 2x Roku.
Now will not work on any device.

Looks like no NFL for me today. Tablo is continuous flashing long, every second.
Tried rebooting modem, then router and then Tablo, no change.