Couldn't Connect; Power On, but no LED

I have a Quad (purchased Sep 2021) that replaced a 4-tuner (March 2017).

Today I couldn’t connect to the Quad from a TV or using the Windows app.

The Tablo’s LED was off (it has always been set to ON), yet there WAS power to the external hard drive (the light was blinking as it does when there’s no drive activity), and the Tablo was warm to the touch.

I unplugged the Tablo power cord, waited a few seconds, then plugged it back it.

I went back to the TV and PC, waited a few minutes, then was able to connect to the Tablo and verify the LED was set to ON.

The LED on the Tablo however, is still off. I have it set ON, and want it on.

Question 1: Why was I unable to connect to the Tablo?

Question 2: How can I get the LED to light?

It’s hard to say exactly why you experienced some connectivity issues, but if you touch base with our support team, they can take a look at your unit and see what went wrong.

As far as the LED goes: as long as you’ve confirmed the setting is enabled, and a power cycling the unit hasn’t changed anything, it’s possible the LED burnt out. This is pretty rare though, and would be worth taking a closer look at - our support team could hep with this as well.

Okay thanks. I’ll contact support.