Could Not Be More Disappointed in Tablo

The software has been great, and we’ve been using it for years with relatively few issues. On Friday evening, we noticed that it didn’t record any shows all day. It’s intermittently saying I have no subscription and then I have one (I have a lifetime subscription and have for years, so no changes have been made on my end).

It was after Support hours on Friday, but I emailed them Saturday to get in the queue. I also reached out on Twitter as some companies respond faster there. The day is nearly over now (2PM Ontario time on Monday), and I’ve had no response. The toll free number gives an “all circuits busy” response, so either it doesn’t actually work at all, or they pay for such little volume that it’s just constantly full (I’ve called a dozen times; same result). I called the toll number, and it ONLY goes to a voicemail box.

So yes, I’ve had this for years with no issues, but DANG… one issue and it’s a nightmare. Haven’t recorded a show in days, and now I’m having to look at alternatives because I have no idea how long it’s going to be before they reach out to me. If you’re broke, ask for more money. End lifetime subscriptions if you have to. But don’t just completely leave me hanging like this!

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Nuvyyo had problems with their servers.

Look in the forum and you’ll find many topics related to this issue.

Hi there, we’re sorry to hear you’ve run in to some issues. As noted above, we did experience a brief outage this weekend.

In terms of how to fix the issues you’re seeing, we recommend:

  • Rebooting your Tablo
  • Select the ‘Refresh subscription’ button in the Settings menu of the Tablo app
  • If you are experiencing issues withs hows recording, Unschedule and reschedule your airings.

Our phone lines were down for a few minutes this afternoon, but are now back online and available at 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688). You can also submit a ticket directly to our team here.

I’ve looked multiple times. Where are any topics related to this? What am I missing?

This is one of the topics: Are the Tablo Servers Down?

Try sorting the topics by Latest instead.