Cord Cutting is Sending Me to the Poor House


Poverty, Christmas gifts, children…I get it. You’re doing the Charles Dickens Christmas thing in time for the holidays! Thanks for getting us into the spirit of the season my friend :santa::deer::snowflake::ribbon::gift::skier::snowboarder::sled::curling_stone:

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the Tablo is so delightful…


Actually, I’m being haunted by the Ghost of Christmas “Presents”.


Running them into a switch, that’s where I begin to get confused. Is that the same as ethernet bridging, or is it something else. Also, I’ve heard a lot about possible interference from appliances, etc. but would probably not apply to my situation (new and updated wiring throughout, as of three years ago).


Just go to Amazon and search for ethernet switch.

Consumer switches are unmanaged which could be interpreted as more plug and play.

All a switch does is allow many wired devices to simultaneously share one output wire that’s an uplink to something like a router or powerlink.


… or submit it to my therapist.


There is a a heck of a lot of surplus fluff in that list…

but as I explain to people most of this stuff is “one time cost” … and if you don’t go crazy and go on a retail therapy shopping spree, the initial up front costs will get covered within the first few months of being cord free…

My costs were significantly lower than yours and you don’t need a lot of that stuff to achieve a great cord cutting experience.


What does a yellow light mean?


The problem is that he\she would try and look for the term “OTA” in the American Medical Association dictionary and handbook for psychological disorders…


Yes you are right. These are things that (even at this level) will pay for themselves, as the lack of cable bill will level out. I was paying over $225 per month in cable bills, yet didn’t watch much tv. This OTA thing for me has been exciting in part, for all the new gadgets and devices it brought with it.


That is CLASSIC! Somehow I missed that episode, VERY funny. It’s a little bit like Cheech & Chong’s “Dave’s not here”.


Got it. I had always thought of an ethernet switch in terms of routers, did not occur to me in the application of powerline systems, I can see there will be some need, given my home’s layout and size.


You can plug a switch directly into a router. Some routers only have 4 ports. You could have more devices then ports, etc.

Hopefully your guest house is on the same power box as the main house. Otherwise I’m not sure powerline will work for you.

But if the distance is less then 100 feet, shielded ground cat6 can be buried underground.


If you like electronics get one of this wifi repeater says it’s good for 2 kilometer range


That is a beautiful thing. Looks like it has PoE, so I could run just one ethernet cable (I think). Something that has not occurred to me, I’ll definitely check this out.


I’m strongly considering converting to Powerline solution, just for the fact of having a solid, robust and reliable signal throughout. The guest house has it’s own panel (set that up last summer), so that part of it would be out of the loop.


This is one of the cheaper hobbies too! You should never join a grilling forum or a deals forum or a car forum.

You’d be buying things you never knew you might have a need for! O wait…


You hit the nail on the head with grilling. I had gone along happily for years, with my (old, old) basic Weber grill and Dyna-Glo charcoal smoker … until the day I found out about Traeger and learned you could spend over $1700 on a grill. Started out innocently, with a Pro Series Pellet Bronze (about $700), upgraded to Timberline 800 series shortly thereafter, and embarked on a study of various woods and how they affect flavors. And yes, “buying things you never knew you might have a need for”!!!


maybe 100 meters? Ethernet spec is ~300ft. Or buried cable differs perhaps?