Cord Cutting Experience

My Cord Cutting Experience

I have documented the process I went to:

  1. Cut the cord.
  2. Port my home phone from a VOIP phone to a cell phone.

I love the Tablo and highly recommend it as a great option that includes DVR capability.


A group of us here have the same devices as you - Tablo and Mediasonic - for a variety of situations. I’ve replaced my landline phone with a Skype phone\number for family\long distance calling. The combination of devices (OTA plus streaming) has made us forget cable entirely.

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Tablo-Homeworx-Skype. The dream team. No phone, no cable, no worries.

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I only use cable company (Comcast) for internet.
I bought the Mediasonic and Tablo together to review them both.

With the subscription, Tablo is like a Mac and Medisonic is like MS-DOS, but is cheap and it works.

I had a three day period when Tablo gave a “connection error” at the same time the Meduasonic worked just fine (I use a splitter to share the same antenna). I restarted the Tablo, disconnected the hard-drive and eventually it worked, so I view the Mediasonic as a good backup that requires an antenna but does not need internet.

I share your thoughts. Same setup. OTA in to HDMI out is bullet proof.

On the Homeworx, I move the video files to a SD card on my phone or tablet and use an app called BS player. It works great.

Thanks for that. I’ll check out BS Player (name a bit suspect​:roll_eyes::blush:)
I indicated I gave followed Uncle Dave’s excellent YouTube to get files from Tablo.

Cool. Good to know.