Cord Cutting Black Friday Deals

Hey Tablo Fans -

We spotted both Chromecast and Roku on sale in the Walmart Black Friday flyers. Great deals if you want to expand your Tablo footprint to another TV…

Have you seen any other great deals for cord cutters? 

(Or other deals in general?)

Newegg or somewhere had the Roku 3 for $65 (refurb) again… it was somewhere reputable.  These happen all of the time though.

For example, woot has it right now, see:

Hopefully Tablo will have a Black Friday deal?

Tablo stated on Facebook that they won’t, but there is a chance a sale would be made by their partners (NewEgg, Walmart, BestBuy, etc).

Currently $254 from Amazon for the 4 tuner
Hopefully Tablo will have a Black Friday deal?

Psssst… We have a Facebook contest now running. And I’ve managed to finagle a few other surprises for the rest of the holidays. Stay tuned. 

FYI - Amazon has both the 2 AND 4-Tuner Tablos on sale starting at $149! 

4 tuner at newegg is currently $200 which is a steal in my opinion. I got the 4 tuner not long ago for at least $40 more which I think is still a good price.

Amazon just dropped to 199.99 for the 4-tuner.

Any chance for a discount on a lifetime subscription?  :)

@juched - Sorry, there won’t be any discounts on subscriptions.

Tablo is now on sale in Canada on Best Buy & Future Shop. (As well as in the US on