Cooling solutions

I have not yet purchased a Tablo. In another thread I mentioned my need to place the unit in the garage. Here in South Texas that garage can get pretty warm. Since I have no desire to fish coax to other parts of the house dealing with summer heat becomes the #1 concern.

Some threads here and elsewhere suggest creating an enclosure with a dedicated cooling fan.

I’m considering starting with a storage container such as this: the actual size selected will be based upon the dimensions of the equipment going inside. Tablo and HDD resting on spacers to allow enhanced airflow around each device

Bottom cut and fitted with screening to allow air in while keeping bugs out. Finally a controllable fan on top, such as to continuously exhaust that heated air.

Might someone here already have something similar in operation? How likely will it handle ambient temps in the mid 90s?

South Texas? Summer? Garage? Mid 90’s?

Would think temps could get much hotter. Regardless, circulating mid-90’s air around isn’t going to help the Tablo out really.

To be clear, you want to put your tablo in in a plastic container - in a 90 degree environment, cut some ventilation holes in it, add a fan and blow 90 degree air across it… with expectations it will “cool” it down?

If you find it less hassle than drilling a hole and running a cable, then it’s probably an option to consider - not ideal, probably not very effective either.

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I was hoping that convective cooling would make the system stable.

In short, if you think it’s safe to run your $3000 gaming computer in the garage, then it’s probably safe for the Tablo :slight_smile:


I get the feeling you’re trying to find someone else to tell you it’s OK, or “yea, that’s a good idea”… when you probably already kind’a know. Then you could fall back on - “well this dude said told be it’d be fine, he was stoopid” if/when it fails.

I do hope you can find the right answer answer and enjoy OTA programing. You might consider a less-than-ideal setup or location for the sake of your expensive electronics… only you know your limitations, capacity and availability. You can get a lot of suggestions, maybe you can find one you can compromise on.

You’re at least getting closer. Perhaps I’ll read a been there tried that post saying simply didn’t work. But just maybe someone might chime in with an alternate solution they found workable in very warm situations. Perhaps something like a laptop cooler with built in chiller rather than just fans. Yeah I searched :slight_smile: Or perhaps I’ll learn of a really good longer range indoor antenna that doesn’t need the extra elevation above the garage.

Instead of fishing the coax through the walls and attic, have you looked at wire chase crown molding or something similar?
I used a baseboard type molding to run speaker wire throughout the house. It allowed me to punch through walls from one room to another without it being seen and no holes to be patched. Plus I didn’t have to climb throughout the attic.

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