Controlling Tablo with a Harmony Remote on Apple TV

Hi guys,

Is there any way to enable number input when controlling Tablo using a Harmony Remote (I have the Harmony 900, similar to Harmony One) on Apple TV? Using the guide is fine but I want the ability to jump directly to a channel by inputting the numbers. Thanks for any advice

I have the H1 with a Roku setup and no I cannot use numbers. I can use the channel button that brings up the channels on the screen that I can change to. Also you can use the back button to go to the previous channel.

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Input by channel number doesn’t work as most standalone playback devices (such as Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, etc.) do not have remotes with number input.

The real question is can the Apple TV recognize the number command from the Harmony Remote? This is so the Apple TV can relay the number to the Tablo app. Maybe check with Apple on this first (I have no idea).

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