Control What Channel To Record (old thread)

Right now I have 2 different FOX and PBS channels. The Tablo is telling me I have conflicts for recording shows because it is trying to record them on both FOX stations. We need a feature to allow us to pick which station to record from. For me I know the one FOX channel is stronger so I would also like to record from that one. I don’t want to remove the other station from Tablo because sometimes they show different sporting events.

Right now you can unschedule a recording from the ‘extra’ channel but we’ll look at a non-kludgy way to do this.

When a show appears in the conflicts page, I can’t see what it is in conflict with, unless I try to hunt it down in all the scheduled programs. The live TV timeline only covers a couple of days.

@HarryR Was wondering about this too.  When looking at the grid view of shows, it only goes out for the next day.   @TabloTV I know that the device stores 14 days worth of guide data, but is there a reason the grid is limited to only a couple of days?

I too get duplicate recordings due to shows being on 2 channels at the same time. I’d like to have the ability to prioritize my channels and have Tablo recognize that if a show is on multiple channels simultaneously, to only record the one on the highest priority channel.

Also if it has already been recorded not to record it again.

@HarryR and @adammiarka - The grid guide only provides 24 hours for three reasons, one technical, one UI and one philosophical… 

The technical reason is for fast load times - if we had 14 days at once, the live TV screen would take a long while to populate.

The UI reason is there would be a LOT of scrolling involved both side to side and up and down. That’s not an ideal design. 

Which flows into the philosophical reason. As a company, we want to change the way people interact with TV. We want to get away from the grid and the remote and focus on more of a Netflix-style experience where you actively think about what you want to watch, find the shows and watch them/record them. 

We designed LiveTV for a ‘what do I want to watch right now/in the coming hours’ experience and the TV, movies and sports screen to allow you to browse and select recordings for future events. 

It’s a different approach than cable set top boxes or traditional DVRs so it’ll probably take an adjustment period from what you’re used to but we really think it’s a better way to do things.
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I still think there ought to be a way of knowing what the conflict is in the form of a brief list of just the conflicts. That way you can quickly make a choice.

@TabloTV -

What if you lazy loaded the guide.  So continue your 24 hr loading, but maybe modify it a bit.  So if I went into the guide right now I would see up to 12:00 this evening.  Then there would be the ability in the upper right left or upper right hand cornder to load the next day.  so tomorrow for 24 hrs.  This way you could keep the quick loading times, and allow the user to look up to 14 days into the future.

No need at all in my opinion, and actually not very usable to have a guide that scrolls to the right seemingly to infinite or 336 hours… thats not usable.

Here is an example

I just want to see what is already scheduled on the other 2 tuners on the specific time that the conflict occurs, so I can decide what I would rather schedule. I don’t need to see any more.

@HarryR - If you go to ‘Scheduled’, there is a ‘Conflicts’ page:

You can see the detail when you click on the conflict:

But what I think you’re saying is you’d rather see this as a list view where it would show the three shows set for recording in that time slot and let you click the one you DON’T want to record. Is that right?

What show is the above in conflict with?

To be effective you sorta need to see Show A is in conflict with Show B.  here are your resolution options.  Record A and not B record B and Not a…  Right?

@PiX64  Exactly! The screen presently tells you there is a conflict, but does not tell you what is already scheduled at that time.

Gotcha. Sending this thread to the UI team. 

There’s actually a conflict resolution dialog for the iOS app – the HTML5 app will have it shortly. In the short term we have the Conflicts tab under Scheduled, but as you’ve pointed out that’s not ideal.

Good point @matb33 - I use web-based so often I sometimes forget we have more stuff on the iOS and Android apps.

There when you click on a conflict you get this screen where you can see what is conflicting and can make the choice of selecting what you want.

PERFECT!  that looks a lot like the TV UI for SageTV conflict resolution and I love it.

they called it parallel recording view. and conflict resolution of course.

Looks good. I don’t see that on windows.

@HarryR - Yes, it hasn’t been implemented in the web-based app yet. 

That would certainly be a welcome addition.

One more question. When recording back to back episodes on both tuners, what happens with the extra buffer time normally added to the beginning and end of the show? (When both tuners are busy) Does the show then arbitrarily start recording the new show on the hour or will the extra frames still be added from what was previously recorded? Is there an overlap? Just curious. :slight_smile: