Continuing have to unplug Tablo

Over the past month or so i have had issues with my 2 tuner tablo.  About twice a week my tablo is no longer found on my network.  When i check the Tablo, I can’t do the simple push the blue and reset it.  Pushing does nothing, and i have to actually unplug the unit to get it working again.  Not sure why this is happening.  Anyone else have this issue.  Its starting to get annoying. 

I would just do this stupid simple thing. Set it on its side instead of laying down flat. As stupid as it sounds that solved a lot of things for me, not sure if it was heat or what, but huge difference for me.

I’ve considered going into fabricating Tablo stands that stand them on one end, raise the lower end off the table or surface a bit for air flow. Perhaps acrylic or aluminum. It would look decent, set them on end, raise it for better air flow, etc. and even help increase the effective size of the heat sink effect of the bottom of the Tablo.

I’ve wondered about setting up such a thing with some sort of quiet cooling system. I’ve got a neat processor cooling system I salvaged f, it’s a heat sink with thermo-siphone type sealed liquid cooling. 

I will try the side standing and see if that helps. Thanks!

Unfortunatly having to restart and sometimes even pull power is "normal" with the tablo box. The stability of these boxes  really need to be addressed in an update.


You really shouldn’t make blanket statements like that with a n = 1.

For my n = 1, I have a dual tuner Tablo and it has never locked up on me requiring a power cycle. That’s about 9 months of usage now.

In addition, on many occasions we have isolated the issues to other things such as individual’s routers. But yes, it has also been people’s Tablo’s which has resulted in bug fixes.

Have you given static IP to your tablo? If so then please remove the same. I have had similar issues where in I had to just reboot almost everyday.

@girimurthy - not sure I understand what you are saying here. Are you saying the static ip made your tablo more unstable so you removed it? I am not sure how that would be possible.

You can’t do static since the Tablo has no interface for assigning an IP address in the Tablo. You can do a persistent or reserved/assigned IP through your router. Tell the router to give your Tablo by putting the Tablo’s MAC address in the router’s reserved IP table if it has that capability. No, it does not lead to instability at all! In fact, it’s better for you and your router’s learned routing table (unless you use static routes).

A reserved IP is done in the router, the Tablo STILL requests a DHCP address, but the DHCP service in the router gives the Tablo the same IP address each time it requests an address, making the routing tables more solid and things ever-so-slightly quicker IF something needs to “find” the Tablo. 

Static is assigned IN the device using the address, Static addresses mean the device makes no DHCP requests at all. You also need to assign gateway, DNC, WINS, etc. if you use static (but you can’t use static with Tablo, only reserved)
reserved or persistent or assigned is done in the Router or the DHCP server if you use a DHCP that is not part of the router, such as a Windows server, domain controller, etc. and is still DHCP assigned but is an address given only to a specific MAC address when an address is requested. The Tablo sees no difference at all. The Tablo is still making it’s DHCP requests out over UDP ports 67/68 (67 for the DHCP server, 68 for the DHCP client or Tablo in this case. Tablo makes a DHCP request out UDP port 68 to DHCP server listening on UDP 67. )
So the Tablo doesn’t have any idea it’s a reserved IP address, it is still making a DHCP request and receiving a DHCP response. the server receives the DHCP request, matches that MAC address and give it the proper IP based on the MAC.
Reserved/persistent, not static.

By the way, my 4 tuner Tablo has been totally stable in that I’ve not had to reset it at all since the first week of “learning” about it. It’s been on and solid. I MAY go ahead and put it on a small UPS, however, just to be sure it gets clean/stable power at all times. Electronics are funny that way, they love clean steady and stable power, fluctuations cause, well, issues. Power cycling can be bad because normally electronics suffer their catastrophic failures at power-up, so uninterrupted clean, filtered power is ideal.

@ShadowsPapa I am going to have to give the reserved IP a try. Since the Tablo locked up last Sunday during the Greenbay game I am also looking at UPS’s. Any suggesttions? I was looking at this one. Figured I did not need a huge one.

@jwhitesel I’ve taken a look on our end - sent you a PM!