Continual LPW after Roku update to 7.2 yesterday

My roku stick updated to 7.2 yesterday and now today I’m getting almost constant LPW message that makes live tv unwatchable.

Even though my Roku 3 rarely experienced any Live TV issues before tablo 2.2.10, someone in another thread blamed the problem on Roku version 7.1 and that Live TV nirvana would occur once Roku OS 7.2 was deployed.

Oh, well.

There have been others, but I have also blamed the Roku 7.1 update for playback (of both live and recordings) suddenly exiting - that never happened before the with 7.0 and I hadn’t updated the Tablo box at that time. I just checked my Roku is still at 7.1 and 7.2 is not yet available.