CONTEST: Got a Tablo and love it? If so, let the world know! (Contest Now Closed)

**** Update - Congrats to @wkufan92!!! Stay tuned for more awesome Tablo contests. ****

Happy Friday Tablo fans! 

We're amazingly thankful for all of you. Our fanbase has been so supportive and helpful as we spread the word about cord cutting and Tablo. 

Part of how we intend to thank you for this amazing support is through awesome contests with cool Tablo-related prizes. Today we're introducing the first of many contests we've got in store for you. 

Here’s the details:

If you have a Tablo and you're loving it, we would very much appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a review of our product on the site where you purchased it. This feedback will help us make Tablo more awesome and will allow potential new Tablo users to benefit from your experience.  

  • If you bought from NewEgg, please leave your review on or
  • If you purchased your Tablo through us, please leave your review on our US or Canadian store. (At the bottom of the page.)

Once you've submitted your review, come on back to this thread and post the title of your review AND which site it's on. At noon ET on July 7th we'll place everyone's name into a draw for a brand new Roku 3*. So make sure you get your reviews in before the deadline if you want to win!

Thank you for all of your support and good luck! 

The Tablo Team

*The small print - This contest is open to Tablo owners in the US and Canada. The prize is (one) Roku 3 including shipping to your desired address. 

Submitted, but I already have 2 Roku 3’s so no need for more :wink:

@jestep - You can always give it as a gift! If you want to enter make sure to post the review title and which site it’s on. 

Let the cord cutting begin. Wife approved! Tablo US

First Impressions…AWESOME!

Mine was on Newegg.   “Great OTA DVR for whole home”

I wrote a blog post about mine here:

New Egg "

Cut the cord and save money

Love it so far!  Great DVR for watching across many devices in the home.  Keep up the improvements going forward!!!

@shannonsnowden - I spotted that, thank you! To be entered in the contest you’ll need to share that on NewEgg or our store page though. 

New Egg - Tablo made cutting the cord easy!

@Tablo - did my review from a month or so ago ever show up for you in Newegg?  I never received word that it did or didn’t…

US site: “Cord Cutting is now possible!”

Newegg USA “One happy owner”

US Site “Great product” (USA Site) - “Could not be happier”

Thanks everyone for submitting their reviews! (And we appreciate the nice things you’ve said too!)

@PiX64 - I don’t see one under your name on the NewEgg site. 

and pssst… for those of you with 4-Tuners, check out the Tablo store. There’s a spot to leave your reviews now. :smiley:

@TabloTV. What the?!? I’ll check again an resubmit I guess. Darn

@PiX64 - I know! We’ll definitely ask our ‘guy’ at NewEgg if there’s some sort of acceptance/rejection process on their end. We don’t have any way to do that ourselves. Maybe just got lost in the ‘tubes’ somewhere.  

I posted my review on the Tablo US store for the 4-tuner model.  The title is “Fantastic product!”