Consumer Electronic Show 2017

@TabloTV Any announcements to be watching for during CES? I assume you you going. Perhaps AndroidTV Live channels or being able to watch in AppleTV TV where multiple channels are.

They’re not going to have a booth this year. They will be hanging out at their hardware partners booth.

Besides tablo apps running on various media players what new would tablo present. Isn’t the tablo server based on a 3 year old design. Metro died. OTA ASTC 3.0, which supports 4K, has yet to roll out.

So do they want to swap CPU’s and try to upscale ATSC 2.0 to 4K until then?

Why would they want to do that? Any 4K display you have now will already have upscaling built in. Upscaling it before storing it would just use more storage for no gain.

At one point they were looking at AndroidTV Live channels. I bumped it and asked of any update, but no answer

Some say that tablo uses the ViXs XCODE 5190 CPU.

They could upgrade to the XCODE 6400 and get it’s features:

Multi-Stream 10-bit Ultra High Definition (UHD) /4K Decoding Engine
UHD 4K 60p, MAIN10 Profile, 10-bit HEVC Decode
Quad-Channel High Definition (HD) 1080p (HEVC/MPEG2/H.264/AVC) Decode
HD 1080p Decode Engine for Other Internet based CODECs e.g. VP8, etc…

Multi-Stream 10-bit UHD/4K Video Transcoding Engine
High Quality UHD 4K MAIN10 Profile,10-bit HEVC Transcode
Quad-Channel HD 1080p to HD 1080p (HEVC/MPEG2/H.264/AVC) Transcode
Full Decode / Full Encode Transcode and Dynamic Smart XCode modes available
Low-Latency Encode/Transcode for wireless distribution within the home


Of course. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned!