Constant reboots at times

I have the original Tablo quad tuner with a 4TB external hdd.

For the past six months or so, it will get into fits where it just keeps rebooting every two minutes or so when trying to watch a show. You can see it will occasionally do the same thing when recording (i.e. not viewing) because a show could be broken up into 6 or 7 pieces.

Whenever it does this, if you just leave it alone until tomorrow it will be fine again for several days. It happened again last night when trying to watch a show and we just gave up and went to bed. Oddly, I seem to experience this the most late at night after 11PM but rarely otherwise.

I would open a ticket with @TabloSupport so they can take a look at the logs.

I will.

It seems to be well known that the tablo can reboot during problems with reception, but why would it behave this way? It disrupts everything else the unit is doing at the time like providing playback of other shows. Why not just program it to abandon a recording when the signal drops?

I am assuming this is what is going on, but I will have it checked out.

Totally agree. That situation is really the only “beef” I have with my Tablo. The fact a single recording’s issues results in issues with other recordings is frustrating.

The Tablo will eventually abandon recordings that are on channels with poor reception - but if there are several recordings failing on several channels simultaneously, it can create this ‘loop’ behaviour you’ve mentioned.

If/when you see this again, try running a channel scan to see which channels are having issues. Alternatively, send our support team a ticket and we can take a look from our end.

I had similar issues and thought they were reception issues but it turned out I had a bad hard drive. After I replaced the drive the chronic rebooting, pixelation, and failed recordings stopped.