Constant Freezing - Live TV Xbox App

So I have been hoping for a fix for this issue I have been having through either a firmware update or an article in the forum to show how to prevent this issue but it has been 2 years with no luck. Basically while watching live TV the screen will just randomly freeze. Only “fix” is to back out of the channel and reselect the channel which will “fix” it for a undefined amount of time. Happens quite often to the point it gets very annoying.

This is played through a Network-Connected Tablo directly plugged into router along with the Xbox Series X that is also directly plugged into router. 1gb Fiber speeds and utilizing Asus 86u Gaming Router. I have replaced my antennae thinking maybe it wasn’t strong enough but that has not changed any issues that I have been having. I don’t pay for storage and only utilize the Tablo for live TV. I never had an issue with the One X since I could plug my Hauppauge adapter directly into the Xbox.

Has anyone else had issues like this? I feel like I have waited a good amount of time to find some sort of solution but feel like I must be the only one having this issue since it hasn’t been remedied through updates.

Which specific network-connected Tablo do you have? When you say you don’t pay for storage, are you referring to back when there was a model that offered cloud storage that you don’t have that storage or are you saying you don’t have a hard drive/SSD of any type connected to your Tablo?

Tablo Dual LITE [TDNS2B-01-CN] is the specific Tablo.

As for the storage, I meant to state that I don’t pay for the DVR subscription and correct, I have no HD/SSD of any type connected. Only OTA live TV is used through the Tablo.

I have the same issue and had for several months now.

I have a Tablo Quad with a 1Tb HDD installed. It freezes periodically when accessing through the XBox client on XBox Series X but doesn’t have the problem on other clients (Android and Chromecast with Google TV).

Once it freezes, the only way to fix it is to back out to the channel guide and select the desired channel again.