Constant buffering

I have a new Tablo with a WD 1TB Passport drive attached. When playing live content it seems to buffer every 20 or 30 sec’s

I tested it with Chromecast and it seems to also buffer with that method also.
I have tested it with a Nexus 7 and a Nexus 10 and they both suffer the buffering issue but my laptop (wired) does not have any buffering issues.
I have the recording down to 720p but would like to be at 1080p.
both of my tablets work fine with plex and do not exhibit this behavior.
Anybody have any insight to this.
PS I would have searched the forums but I do not see any method to search.


Plex is a different animal.  It will check your connection speed and transcode the video to fit the bill.  Tablo won’t do this.  sounds like your root problem is the wifi.  chromecast is of course wifi, and of course nexus 7 and 10 are also wifi.  What sort of wireless AP are you running?  can you download the wifi analyzer on one of your android devices and check to see what your coverage is like?

That app will actually show you how crowded your network is around you too.  for example if you are running 2.4 Ghz network on channel 7 it will actually show you ALL 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz networks in your area and what channels those networks are runninng on.  If you are in an area where there are a ton of ATT or telco branded routers more than likely they are setup to use the same exact 2.4 Ghz channel.  Try changing the wifi channel to a less jammed channel.  Keep in mind you may have to reconnect devices…