Consistency between platforms

First of all, I’ve been using by Tablo for about four weeks and really, REALLY enjoying it. In fact, just signed up for lifetime guide support, so I will be keeping this for awhile.

We mostly watch live/recorded shows through our Apple TVs, but I have tried and explored Tablo through Android TV (Sony Bravia), iOS (iPhone & iPad) and lately Windows 10 ( I’m sure my comments may hold true for some of the other platforms that I haven’t experienced yet.

Of the ones I’ve tried, the tvOS platform is the most limited, with the inability to view and program upcoming shows. I have to go to an iPad or PC to set up programming. While not difficult, it is annoying to have to switch platforms to setup a future recording. The most “full featured” platform is the Windows 10 version, with the ability to bring up a guide while watching Live TV or more programs while watching recordings (nice).

I realize there are inherent differences between the platforms (RAM, processing speed, OS limitations), but it would be great if some of these could be minimized.

A common feature that I would like to see added to all platforms is channel guide wrapping. That is, if you scroll to the top or bottom of the guide, the channels just wrap back to the bottom or top (depending on scrolling direction).

Thanks for reading. Again, overall this is a great idea and good implementation of that idea. To be able to currently support the platforms that you do shows your commitment to the customer experience. Keep up the great work.

PS: From a tvOS view (selfish, but wanted to get it in the parking lot), compatibility and/or awareness through the TV app. :slight_smile:

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