Considering Tablo

Considering the Tablo. I currently have DirecTV and I’m switching everything out for streaming cable services and local TV through an antenna. I just ran a coaxial up to my attic and I am getting the ClearStream™ 4V UHF/VHF Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna! My plan is to run the antenna directly into the Tablo and then using several Roku devices to connect to the Tablo.

My question when I am watching the Tablo via Roku, which is connected to my local wireless internet, am I using data? I realize when you watch Hulu you are connecting to Hulu’s servers. With this, if the Tablo is hardwired to my internet via a switch isn’t it assigning an ip address to the device like 192.168.1.X and then my Roku is simply connecting to that ip address?

I’ve heard a few posts on both boards say that the Tablo uses up data but I don’t see how that is possible if the connection is local?

I’m really hoping this works out for me because my other option is the up and coming Airwave but that is an indoor antenna and I need an antenna that can withstand my attic for optimal signal and I like how the Tablo is adaptable to any antenna.

@kassius: I would go with it, as I did. The features are great.
As for data usage, to pull the EPG when using the premium service. Otherwise, internet access is inbound if you want to connect from another location. If the Tablo is in a local network at home, that would not be connected to the internet (try disconnecting the modem, you will see what happens), it still works. It will broadcast locally. You just can’t pull the guide from the internet, but it should pull it from the OTA signal. Data usage is not big btw. As for activation of the device, I’m not sure if out of the box, you can turn it on and get it to work without internet. I should try that by resetting mine. I may get one for the cottage where we don’t have internet.


P.S: I’d get one, I doubt you would regret it.

Tablo only uses your external internet bandwidth for 3 things:

  • Downloading guide data (about 10-11 MB of data per month per channel)
  • Downloading periodic firmware updates (quarterly or less)
  • Watching live TV or recordings while AWAY from home using Tablo Connect

Since the content is coming through over your antenna and not the external web like streaming video from Hulu or Netflix, Tablo uses MUCH less data than any other type of video.

The exception is if you’re using Tablo Connect frequently. Viewing video away from home requires us to UPLOAD the video through your internet connection and deliver it to a device somewhere else.

For regular in-home viewing, Tablo uses your home network which doesn’t count against any internet bandwidth caps.

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Something no one mentioned, and thought I would is Tablo Connect DOES NOT work with Roku. To use AWAY from home would require a smart phone, Nexus Player, Nvidea Shield, Mi Box, FireTV or FireTV Stick.


Tablo Connect (aka remote viewing) also works with the iPhone and iPad devices, it does not work with the Apple TV 4.

I said smart phone instead of both iPhone and Android phone. It also works on Android tablets, such as Nexus 9 and Firetvtablets. Not on Rou, AppleTV, Xbox.

I believe the idea was to allow iOS users to cast to their Apple TVs while remote, using AirPlay. I have not tried Android casting to Chromecast. At the office, I can use my iPad or iPhone, and send via AirPlay to the Apple TV the content of my Tablo. Personally, I don’t expect my AppleTV at the office to connect to my Tablo directly. I would not travel with the Apple TV. Maybe that’s just me.

On my Roku 4, the Live TV guide doesn’t get populated if my internet is down before I connect to my Tablo.
This would be the 4th case, que no?

If you did not got Tablo yet i would say stay away from it. I my self packing my Tablo because of a lot problems.
For the same money but extra cost of a Guide service I’m getting Tivo Bolt. It’s up to you but you should check for it.
It does have better service and they been for long time.

Just to provide another n = 1 that the Tablo does work, I have had no significant issues with mine since May 2014, so that’s almost 3 years of solid use. At least 3-5 recordings per day.

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Same here. Loving Tablo!

Maybe older models were better but new ones have an over heating problem. Two of them same issue. Others have heat problems so can’t comment on older one.
You guys can say what you want but you can’t explain a shut down (Power Lost that LED is off). That could only be, because of heat. Look at my posts.
I put good money into it with Tablo (4 tuners), two Nvidia TV’s and 2tb External Drive. You think I did that because I did not want it to work. But there is a better option and that’s what I said. He can go what ever way he wants to go but yes I don’t recommend Tablo to new users.
And I was in return police so I took the advantage of it and returned most of the stuff.

This is likely a known firmware issue, very rare. Tablo Support has acknowledged it to those who had them check you their logs. But to be fixed in the next firmware release. To confirm, open up a Support Ticket with Tablo directly - they will check your logs to confirm.

See here for example:

Another reference to the firmware failure that results in the Blue LED going out:

Honestly I am a little skeptical. This issue has been going on for a while and this isn’t the first time they have indicated the next firmware would help or resolve it.

Its not a huge deal to me, I still HIGHLY recommend the Tablo and tell people about it all the time but both Of my Tablos occasionally have to be rebooted. Very rarely but it does still happen (had to reboot one last night).

I guess I have just concluded its just part of owning them, just like my Windows PCs and routers occasionally need to be rebooted, so goes the Tablo.

If they can fix it, I will be VERY MUCH appreciative, just skeptical.

Let’s hope they fix it.

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Tablo user since July 2014. There have been some app problems, sometimes not caused by Tablo at all. Tablo support here is excellent if not “perfect” especially considering support you’ll get from the competition.

Generally speaking, Tablo works great. And I never have mine crash or had to reboot it (at least for well over a year, we moved a year ago). My drive is constantly full (1TB) and it automatically deletes old content. I use SurLaTablo to extract to Plex for things we want to keep long term. We use the device to record and watch mostly recorded content. We don’t use the Live TV feature that much since all our TVs have antenna (I use it occasionally remotely on my phone).

My Tablo is hard wired, all of our Rokus are WiFi. My phone is an HTC One m8. I sometimes also do Live TV from an iPad (also remote).

Almost 3 years here, my only gripe is the lack of surround sound (no 5.1). Overall I’m happy with the Tablo and glad I got rid of cable.