Considering Tablo - Newbie question

I have followed this product since inception and with cable bills such as they are these days, maybe it’s time to cut the cord? I currently run an IP Blocker which allows me to access Netflix US instead of the Canadian version. In addition, I am considering HULU TV as another addition.

So here’s my question…has anyone in the Victoria, BC area installed Tablo and what are your thoughts on it? Happy? Unhappy and wouldn’t do it again? Just looking for some feedback here.

Also, if I buy a Tablo, (2 Tuner or 4 Tuner…unsure which at the moment) then I also have to buy an antenna in some shape or form. I am located about 80’ above sea level with a pretty much unobstructed view except for a couple of trees. Any thoughts on an antenna?

How far are you from your broadcast source? (And do you get your signals all from the same direction?)

Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amplified Razor Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna is what I use placed in an upstairs window. The reception is claimed at 50 miles in one direction. Hope there are some users in BC near your location to give you feedback. I think each user has to make their own decision even after researching as much as possible. The 4 tuner tablo needs a strong signal from reading the threads. It is good that people share their experiences - good and not so good.