Considering Tablo and have a few questions

I am considering moving from Direct TV to Directv Now…as a middle ground solution.

I have three TVs and 1 Firestick.

I plan to connect my external antenna to the Tablo and hard wire my router to the Tablo.

I would buy two more Firesticks to connect the other two TVs.

  1. Do I need to add a hard drive if I only plan to use the Tablo for live TV? (This is not a deal breaker if the HD is required since they are pretty cheap.) I assume I could add one later if I felt the need.
  2. I assume there is no way to connect additional TVs with the existing coax cables in the house, right? (TIVO had a solution so that’s why I’m asking.)
  3. Are software updates for the Tablo automatically applied?

Does anyone see any other issues with this plan?

A hard drive is required if you will be using more than 1 tuner at a time. Also, if you want to pause/rewind live TV, the hard drive is needed for that, as well as recording OTA TV.

You can only stream with Tablo, as direct hardwired connections to TVs are not supported.

Software updates are applied with your permission, when available.

The Tablo is not a great device for just live TV. Channel changing is slow (15 - 30 sec) unless a channel is already tuned. I hardly ever watch live TV with my Tablo.

It is one heck of a DVR, especially if you have a lot of devices. I use it on my TVs (via Rokus), but I also use it on phone, tablet, and PC. Hard drives are relatively cheap, so I highly recommend you get one.

If you are just interested in watching live TV on TV sets only, I would first see if I could get the antenna signal to every tv. If not, then a Tivo is probably a better choice, with Tivo minis connected to your other sets.


In my case, I don’t channel surf, so I have no issues watching live TV on Tablo, and I can pause, rewind, etc. At one time, I had my antenna signal split between Tablo and my TVs, but decided for the best Tablo experience, that I didn’t want to attenuate (degrade) the signal coming off the antenna.

On those rare occasions where I do “surf”, it’s nice having the guide so that I’m not going into channels blindly.

Directvnow is excellent. However NO ROKU until Qtr 1 of 2017. No dvr. Go Big currently on special which will be grandfathered of $35. It will be going to $60. If you drop service, you aren’t grandfathered anymore. No buffering, guide even on S7. No AndroidTV app but can cast to it. I cast to Mi box last night. Prepay 3 months and get a free Apple TV. I have used SlingTV, PS Vue, and Directvnow. I like the last the best. Hbo and cinemax $5 each addon.

Given that DirecTV Now is able to offer HBO and Cinemax add-ons for $5/month each, I wonder if that will start a downward trend in pricing for the add-on movie products from SlingTV and PS Vue.