Connection to Samsung Smart TV

I can see this topic has been beat to death, but there are A LOT of threads that are a year or two years old on this…I’m looking for fresh info without having to dig an hour to find what is relevant today.

Can someone just cut to the chase and tell me the best way to connect? There is just too much noise to read through.

I’m seeing there is no Samsung App yet, but looks like there may be this PLEX thing with a Tablo channel I can use??? not sure what all that means…have no idea what PLEX is.

And I thought when I bought this I would at least be able to use the web browser on the SmartHub (TV) to play.

Would be nice if Tablo phone/tablet app or the webpage interface I could select my smart TV like I can in Youtube and and just play the video…

Hoping this is simple and I don’t have to buy more hardware like a roku or firestick for a TV that should already be able to do this in some form or fashion.