Connecting via LTE Only

So I have no issues remote connecting between home and my away condo via Firestick. But I cannot ever connect via LTE (off Wi-Fi) I have tried different port configurations with no luck. Only possibility I can think of is my Port configurations has both set up TCP/UDP AND UPnP. I read that this could be a conflict and one or the other should be deleted? As a side note, my LTE speeds are like 18mbs on average.

From a security perspective, you usually don’t want UPnP enabled if you are technical enough to do port forwarding.

UPnP is a service, TCP/UDP are protocols. So it isn’t exactly apples and apples. If you are comfortable with doing port forwarding as necessary I would disable UPnP and set up Tablo Connect manually.

If I delete redundant UPnP settings and just keep TCP/UDP do you think this will solve my inability to connect to my Verizon LTE cell connection?