"CONNECTING" Loop Stuck on Web App on Mac

Just installed a 4 tuner unit without any issue using the Web App on my iMac using Chrome Version 55.0.2883.95 (64-bit).

Was able run apps from three iPads, 2 iPhones and an Apple TV with no issues. All functionality seems fine.

But, on another iMac the my.tablotv.com page hangs at “Connecting.” No error message.

Any clues as to why things work fine on one Mac and not the other?

What OS is the other Mac using? And version of Chrome?

macOS 10.12.2 same as the one that works.
same version of Chrome that works on other machine.

Are both Macs connected via WiFi?

Can you try the 32 bit version of Chrome?

Both connected via ethernet as is the Tablo
Tried Safari too, same result.
Again all other devices I tried work fine.

@Lysander Are they going to the same switch? Try using an incognito window in Chrome to connect to http://my.tablotv.com/ - let me know how this goes.

The are on the same network, via Ethernet but not the same switch; both switches are connected to my router.
Incognito mode has no different result. Click Connect and it bounces right back to the Connect screen.

@Lysander Any chance you can try getting them on the same switch, even temporarily to see if that does the trick?

Is there some limitation on using Ethernet networks with Tablo? Everything wireless works OK. My other Mac works OK. Why would the switch matter?

The other switch shouldn’t matter. However it is another complication. If there is a duplex issue between your switches, you may lose enough packets to make whatever protocol the Tablo uses fail. If the second switch has a buffer problem, it may be enough to break the Tablo. If you can move your non-working device to where the working device is, or vise-versa, then we will know if the issue is the Mac or the network.

On the non-working Mac, you may want to “Clear Browsing Data” in Chrome to see if it’s just a bad cache entry. I’ve had that problem several times.

I’m having issues with my Mac not connecting today. My android device wouldn’t find the Tablo on the local LAN until I uninstalled the app and re-installed. I’m still looking for what is causing my Mac issue. Wireless and wired have both failed for me today after clearing the browsing data each time. I sure wish the my.tablotv.com web app wasn’t in the middle obfuscating things and I could simply connect to the web server in the Tablo. It would make troubleshooting more straightforward. The my.tablotv.com app at least needs troubleshooting tools so you can see where the breakdown occurs.

Accidentally power cycling my Tablo seems to have fixed my issue.