Connecting in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Problem with Tablo Connect

Trying to log into Tablo using Table Connect. I’ve had problems in the past, usually requiring me to get back home and login via wifi and turn Tablo Connect back on in my settings. Sometimes I’ve needed to reset the machine. It would usually just say connecting for a while then cannot connect. Now it says Connecting in 5 and then counts down to 1, then restarts at 5, counts down, etc. etc. etc. Not sure what this means. Has anyone else seen this? And is there a way to correct it without going home, which is not easy to do right now.

Do you have a dhcp reservation set up for your tablo on your router? If not, unfortunately that would require you to be on your home network to set up. That would be a good place to start though.

I figured I’d have to go home to get it going again. Was wondering about this new countdown to connect.

Likely the External IP of your router changed and thus requiring re-pairing of said device to the Tablo. The External IP is the IP address assigned to you by your ISP which changes randomly. I assume you’re not paying extra for a Static IP?

Not that I’m aware of. Why would they change my IP?

That is how the internet works.

Do you have Cable internet or DSL Internet?

And add this to the reasons we need to be able to log in with an ID and Password instead of this pairing, which would seem to me was more difficult for the Tablo developers to do than would be id/password, which is a pretty common method for accessing pretty much everything else in the world.

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For why your IP changes, read this:

I think the countdown is supposed to make us feel better while we wait. Unfortunately, in cases of an irrepairable event like this it just keeps looping the countdown. But @theuser86 did help me reserve my IP address inside my router settings and I have not seen the Tablo Connect disconnect problems since. Maybe give it a shot.

i am going to have to try reserve IP in my router. I am tired of the waiting for connect on the Tablo. Sometimes i think about getting rid of it it takes so long.

It really should connect immediately when on the same local network.

Or are you just talking about Tablo Connect?

it is on the same network. My Tablo is connected to my router with a cable and then my FIre TV and Fire TV stick are connected via WiFi. When I open the Tablo App it will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to actually connect and let me watch anything. Sometimes it will not connect and I have to open and close the app a couple times for it to finally connect. Even if I am watching Live TV for a while and I want to go back to the guide it will take a while for it to go through this “connecting” process before i can get the guide to just to change the channel. I understand things may take some time but it seems like it could be a lot faster. It just gets a little frustrating.

Good that your Tablo is hard wired.

What is the make and model of your router?

This could all be caused my either networking or WiFi issues.

Trendnet TRD-812DRW. It had old firmware i am going to update today i think

Is that the correct model? I could only find TEW-812DRU.

it is a DRU. Firmware, Jan 20, 2015. Sorry, I guess I should proof read.