Connecting... Establishing Websocket


I’m having an issue where my new (today) Tablo 2-tuner drops its connection after about 5 minutes of connectivity (while still formatting the HDD).  If I unplug or reset it, I can connect (and it asks to format the HDD again), but then after about 5 minutes it drops the connection and I get the error that it can’t connect via the websocket, and the infinite 5-second retry loop.  The Tablo is connected via ethernet to the home network.

Could this be a HDD issue?  It’s a 2TB WD MyBook I had lying around.  I know the network cable is good as I’ve been running a SD HDHomeRun to a HTPC over this line for 3+ years without any issues (and upgraded to Tablo to make it more family-friendly so everything could go through the Roku).  I haven’t tried the Roku app yet since the HTML5 web app keeps erroring out.

Any ideas?



Browser and plugins can matter too.  I find an unfettered Chrome to work the best.

Yep, using Chrome 36.0.1985.125 m.  Tested on two different computers, same issue.  Rebooting the device brings back the UI with a screen refresh, but then it gives up the ghost after about 5 minutes.

@dmiyake is the MyBook 2TB drive you’re using externally or USB powered? It’s possible that the drive is ‘disconnecting’ while the Tablo attempts to finish the format.

Externally powered.  Should I switch to a USB powered drive?