Connecting an external drive to Tablo Dual

I got my new Tablo Dual up and running and recorded shows over the weekend. Because of warnings posted about rebooting the Dual, I contacted Support, asking how to connect a new SSD to increase by storage capacity.

Support’s reply was to simply plug in the new drive, and when I opened Tablo Dual it would reformat the drive. Following that advice, I plugged in the drive, opened the Tablo Dual and got a message unable to find drive.

Then, when I unplugged the drive and returned to Tablo, attempting to play something recorded on the internal drive, that would not work, instead providing a message about inability to find the hard drive.



So you bought the Dual 64GB?

Adding a drive shouldn’t change the ability to playback previously recorded content on the internal 64GB…

I would open a support ticket as something doesn’t sound right.

Kudos to Tablo Support, which I contacted by phone this morning. The wait was not long before I talked to Tim. He send me instructions for making an ethernet connection to enable him to program the Tablo Dual and format the hard drive.

After I made the connection, he solved my problem within a short period of time.

Thanks, Tim!



Glad to hear we were able to get things up and running :slight_smile: