Connect to if not on my home network

I am away from home for an extended period my browser has basically lost it’s connection to my Tablo. When I try to go to I get the standard splash screen that allows me to search the network for my Tablo. Obviously, since I’m not at home this isn’t going to work that I know if. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get reconnected again? I can remote desktop to my network so I can copy stuff over to my computer if that helps.

If you can VPN into your home network, you can re-pair your remote computer for Tablo Connect.

Can’t you use your remote desktop connection? use your locally networked computer, remotely?

I thought about VPN too, but easier said than done.

So this is a major hack, but it was able to work. Since I could remote desktop to a computer at home, what I was able to do was take the entire “User Data” directory, zip it up, and copy it to the computer off the home network. Once I started the browser again on the computer off the home network, was able to connect again! Can’t believe this actually worked.

I use the latest Microsoft Edge browser which is built on top of Chrome. So what I did was zipped up this entire directory “C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data” that’s on the computer at home. Once I unzipped it on the remote computer, was able to connect again.

This is kinda what I was looking for. It would be nice if I knew exactly what I needed to copy instead of taking the entire “User Data” directory. But I’m happy this hack worked.


Cool workaround

Do you know of a free, at-home VPN?

VPN is built into many routers

How about a step by step guide to setting up a vpn?