Congrats! But... are we getting new features, or what? ;)

I saw that Nuvyyo got another $1M in funding. Seems mostly for delivering more Tablo dual’s to retails stores.


Awesome! Can’t wait to see what the future brings for Tablo.

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That’s around 1 year of salary for 20 technical support engineers.
Support existing features, or add new features?

Unless everyone a company hires is actually residing in India where do you get a fully burdened employee cost of $50,000 per employee?

Just saw this…was stopping by to post it. :slight_smile:

I said salary, not fully burdened cost, but here’s my reference…

Technical Support
Kanata, Ontario, Canada

It was $1 million CAD and glassdoor shows unburdened low salary at $68K CAD for Toronto.

But burden is free since it makes up 30%-40% of salary.

Kanata <> Toronto

One article refers to it as funding another says they are getting financing:

BDC Capital’s Growth and Transition Capital division has recently provided $1 million in mezzanine financing to Nuvyyo, an investee company of Celtic House Venture Partners.

Yes but how much does an Unburdened 2N2222A Transistor cost these days??

You’re assuming that they have 20 tech support engineers (tech support? how about developers to you know… add new features. or how about production to you know… build the things, etc.) and they get no money from sales of the Tablo itself or subscription costs.