Confusing email from Tablo

I just received a confusing email from Tablo about their cloud DVR service going to a paid service. I didn’t ask for the cloud service, but it came free as a trial and they signed me up automatically. In my case, I’ve been saving programming on a 4TB USB disk, and I plan on keep doing that. The email says I need to sign up for cloud service “or take immediate action … to switch to a compatable USB-connected hard drive.” Really?! Do I need to take any action at all? The email only gives examples of how to sign up for the cloud service. No mention of how to just keep using an existing hard drive. Just a marketing ploy?

Likely more of a mistake than anything. If you’re not using the cloud DVR service as in you have no prior unwatched recordings saved on the cloud DVR, then let the cloud DVR subscription expire.

You will lose any recordings stored in the cloud if there are any.

If not, then all your recordings are on your HDD.

However, to confirm, you do have a separate subscription for the other features of the Tablo?

Yes, I have a subscription for the guide service, and I want that to continue. Sounds like it will, with no action on my part needed. Thanks for the insights…Jack

Then you’re A-OK!

We believe we only sent that email to folks who had a recording saved to the Cloud DVR service so feel free to continue using your 4TB drive.