Conflict with only two shows

How can two shows be in conflict with two tuners?

If I schedule new recordings of manifest, then new recordings of independent lens it works: two recordings at the same time with two tuners as expected.

But if I schedule new recordings of independent lens, then new recordings of manifest it doesn’t: it says there is a conflict with two shows. The attached snapshot shows the Android app.

What do you see on the Conflicts page?

Isn’t the snapshot added to my original post what you are looking for?

See Setting recording priority?

Possibilities, another recording from 8:30PM - 9:01PM or another recording altogether.

The ones you show are on two different days… these aren’t your conflict.

Looks like 2 different weeks in snapshot

I clicked on the conflicts page and I got that. Isn’t that the conflict resolution page?

I just realized that the conflict page doesn’t show you the conflict. It shows you one of the 3 series with the conflict. You need to click on the series, scroll down to find the episode with the conflict, click on that episode and finally see the actual conflict.

Ok, I finally found the 3 conflicting shows.

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The conflicts page on the Roku and iPhone apps both show you the actual episode that is conflicting and the time of said episode.

I don’t have an Android device to check, but I assume it’d the same.

now for fun-time with conflict resolution and all the different ways you should be able to remedy the situation… and deciding what you’re actually going to do within the limited options you have - something must go.

I idea that tablo product management and R&D doesn’t know what their business plan is, the features all the extinct products had, what the current products have, and that current users have to prioritize and design changes is scary.

Almost like the Hindenburg mooring at the LakeHurst Naval Air Station.

I just checked with Roku, and I didn’t find any conflict page.

I was only able to see the red triangle after scheduling a recording that has a conflict. But I wasn’t able to see the list of existing conflicts. Also, after clicking on the icon with the red triangle, I wasn’t able to see what other shows were creating the conflict.

It looks like in order to use Tablo you need to use different apps depending on what you want to do.

Or, in other words, if you stick with one device you need to give up some features.

Some of the apps don’t have the full feature set, but the web and mobile apps do, so you always have a workaround. The Tablo folks have done a good job improving the streaming device apps to be almost full featured, but they aren’t quite there yet.

I disagree. I haven’t tried the web app, but the Android app is worse than the Roku app at showing the recent recordings. Also it goes 30 second forward (I like it) and 20 seconds backward (I don’t).

I tried Roku, Android TV, Android app and LG Web OS, and each has something that I like which is missing in all the others.

The Android phone app has recent recordings just like the browser app.

As I said I haven’t tried the browser app.
But the recent recording in the Android app shows the list of series and you don’t know the date without clicking on them.
The Roku app instead shows the episodes (instead of the series) listed one by one under the day they were recorded.
The Android app misses a feature compared to Roku: it doesn’t show the list of recordings in chronological order grouped by day.

Most users that use a tablo app on two or more different devices know that the various filters aren’t implemented on all the apps. And fixing that is one of the questions on the Tablo user survey.

Whether they would show up in the various apps with the same look and feel is a different question. As is whether they would show up as each individual user would like them.

As an example, I could care less about the Recording/Recent filter, what it looks like, or if it even existed. I’m more interested in Scheduled/CommingSoon filter.