Conflict Resolution

Well, I just found out that the feature I requested has been implemented.  You guys must have time machines!  (Couldn't have been me :-) )

My advice to other Tablo noobs: Keep tapping stuff.  There's probably already a way to do exactly what you want.

Original (unnecessary) message:

Hello Tablo Team!

I just got mine today, and I've already loaded it up with enough programmed recordings that I have conflicts.

I know it's always a delicate balance between simplicity and functionality.  I'd like to suggest a way to allow users to resolve conflicts easily:

Under the Conflicts tab, when I tap a show that's creating a conflict, you could show me a list of episodes of that show in conflict and what they conflict with.  Then you could let me tap the one I want.  Maybe put a checkbox on each side or highlight the selected episode.  It seems like an easy way to let me get what I want without creating a complicated priority system.  Let me know if you'd like clarification of the proposal.  I can wireframe it if you like.

Thanks for thinking about it!

Nice product! I'm enjoying it already.



@PastorProgrammer - Glad you found the feature you were looking for!  If you want to know everything about your Tablo, check out the user guide in our knowledge base:

"To resolve a conflict, select the resolve conflict button."

Neither on my computer nor on my android is this an option. Got any advice?  All units are up to date firmware wise.  ?

Conflict resolution isn’t yet available on all of our platforms. 

Well I have all but Apple (can’t stand them) do we have an eta on this?  It’s kind of a big deal!

@Sparkhawk, I also do not use any Apple products.  I am using the Android app on my tablet and the conflict resolution feature works perfectly.  The feature is not available on the HTML5 app yet.

I am running KitKat, is anyone else not seeing this option?  I click on the conflict program, scroll down and there is nothing there as an option.  I can only see that there is a conflict.

Update.  Now it’s there!  I’m not sure what happened but there it is.

@Sparkhawk, if you click on the show that has the conflict (with the exclamation icon) it should open up to give you the program description.  You should see the link “Resolve Conflict”.  When you clink on the link, the conflict resolution window opens and you can see all the programs that are associated with the conflict and you can choose what you want to do from there.

Here is the link to the user manual that shows you what you should see:

You will have to scroll down a bit more than half way down the page to see the section on conflict resolution.

I just noticed the conflict resolution feature on the web app. Nice work!