Configuring the viewing experience

On our big screen TVs, we watch live TV OTA, then hit the input button to switch to the Roku. From there we pick Tablo and watch recorded stuff or Netflix or Amazon. I also have the Plex app which I use to play iTunes music I have on my laptop (Plex server). And I use Plex to show photos and videos that are stored on my laptop. I use on my laptop for live programming.

I want to explore new and better things. Please explain to me why you like to do the following/What advantages you see in: 1) Watching live TV through your Tablo instead of just using the TV tuner. 2) Watching Tablo through Plex instead of just using the Tablo app on Roku. 3) Ripping Tablo recordings.

I do not wish to diminish the efforts of those on this board who have made it happen. I just want a better understanding of how and why you are using them.

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I watch live TV through Tablo so I don’t have an antenna in my living room (not interested in running wires) and so I can easily pause and rewind live playback.

I don’t do either of the other 2 things you mentioned.

In your case, that makes sense. I get it. I basically have my antenna plugged into my cable feed, so all TVs in the house just plug into my existing cable wiring. But in your case, I think that is a good use. I also did not know about the pause/rewind of live playback. Thanks.

Previously, I was watching live TV through the antenna input, and had a splitter that ran to the TV input on 4 TVs as well as the Tablo. But, I have a couple of stations where reception can be a little marginal, so I removed the splitter to get a better signal level to the Tablo, and now watch live OTA broadcasts on all TV sets through the Tablo.

The advantage is that the weaker stations come in more reliably, and I can pause, rewind and fast forward the shows I’m watching.

That said, I rarely watch TV shows when they’re broadcast. For the most part, I watch recorded shows a day or so later. If for some reason I miss a broadcast, such as weather-caused weak signals on certain stations, I’ll catch it on Hulu or via the web, so I won’t get all bent out of shape if an occasional show is missed.

Supplemental OTT services I subscribe to are HULU, Netflix & Sling (I get Sling for $13.99/month as a T Mobile customer) and use Vudu and Google Play for movies, where I have some credits due to purchases of Roku streaming sticks and a Chromecast. Also as a T-Mobile, I’ll be getting credits for Vudu every month, but that’s probably far more than I’ll be able to use.

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Have you considered a distribution amplifier? I have a 4 way split from a distribution amp, with one of those legs going to the Tablo, and my Tablo reports the same signal strength from the amp as it does going straight from the antenna (with identical performance). We need this since my wife gives each channel two seconds to hold her interest or it’s on to the next one :no_mouth:

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I have thought about a distribution amp, but have been thinking of getting a better antenna to allow me to pull in some of the marginal signals. Now that the Rokus have updated to the latest firmware, the Tablo experience is much more reliable, so I don’t mind watching TV through it. Over the past few days, I don’t recall having a problem.