Comskip & Mcebuddy

I’m a newbie at skipping commercials.

Tried MceBuddy but it wasn’t working well for me.

Can someone brief me on the difference between comskip / Mcebuddy or lead me to a better commercial skipping solution, half my recordings are in french canada too, not sure if that has any importance.

Thanks and happy new year to this awesone community!

Its been a while since I’ve used them, but when I did, MCEBuddy used Comskip to remove the commercials. MCEBuddy is a tool for converting video files and Comskip was a plugin that MCEBuddy would use to remove the commercials in the process. By default, it uses the free version of Comskip, but you can buy the paid version and have it use that instead. There was also an alternative commercial skipping tool that you could use with MCEBuddy, but I never tried that one.


I paid for both of the apps but in the end the commercial skipping was not very good on higher resolution videos. Not to mention the huge processor use doing this. I ended up canning the entire idea.