ComSkip and ASPCA

Ok…it might not be PETA…but, one of the ‘misses’ that I see on a regular basis is that pet commercial where they are outside in the freezing cold and not being cared for and they are looking for your help/money to help rescue all of these maltreated dogs. I get that commercial all the time across all of my networks…Commercial skip routinely considers it part of the program in question instead of a commercial…it could be because it’s ‘so well produced’, or because it’s so long…I’m not sure…but I would say well over 50% of the time when I’m looking at programs that were successfully processed by ComSkip, and that is one of the commercials during the program…ComSkip doesn’t skip it…has anyone else noticed that?

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And who goes out and shoots long commercials of animals suffering? Get away from the camera and help the animals!


that wasn’t my point…my point is that ComSkip regularly considers them part of the show, not commercials.

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Those are the ASPCA commercials, I think.

I believe the way Tablo detects commercials is based on a few frames of ‘nothing’ in between where commercials start and the program ends for commercial break. If there’s a similar few frames of nothing before those commercials, I think that may be the culprit.

If you search for ‘120 SECONDS’ you might find an answer under 9/19 cs update.

I understood your point, I was just poking at the commercial a bit.

You are probably right

That’s likely what it is…those commercials are pretty long…next time I come across one I’ll hafta look at how long it is.

They are very long!!! And they are asking for $228 per year! I really wonder how much of that gets to the dogs???

It pays for the camera equipment so they can shoot the dog long enough so that it loses its limb to frostbite!

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I checked in one of my recent trips through removing commercials…they are roughly 3 min’s long, give or take a few seconds…