(COMPLETED) Xbox One app?

For the last 10 years, people have been using their video game consoles as smart devices connected to their televisions.   Apps for Xbox One and PS4 would be a great addition.


@Frank00 - Also good feedback. You’re not alone! 

This is one of the reasons why we were super excited about the 3rd party Plex app which will enable you to watch Tablo content on gaming consoles through Plex. 

I tried this and it doesn’t recognize the video format on any a DLNA device that isn’t running the plex app. I tried on the 360 and WD TV 

Interesting… I’m not an Xbox user… can you not run Plex on Xbox? Or is it just XBMC? 

No plex app on xbox :( 


The plex app on xbox one doesn’t support channels so you can’t run the Tablo Channel through Plex on xbox one.

There really needs to be a Tablo dedicated app for xbox one.

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@Keo We keep track of feature requests and user feedback, so we’ll make sure to take note of this! No updates on this at the moment, though.

@Keo Can you access it through DLNA on the xbox one (I’m not a xbox guy but it seems like they added DLNA )? 

Anyone doing this yet?  I haven’t found a way to make it work yet?

This is my first post in new to taboo, but I really want this on Xbox one. As it’s my go to device for streaming content. Please at least update to work in browser of Xbox one.

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This is the only reason I keep my Roku around. I would love an XB1 app.

I would love an app for the Xbox One as well! Even if I had to pay for access it would be worth it to me.

Tablo should be all over this post not sure why they won’t take the plunge … Guess it’s going to be a Roku for now. :((

@tokatyan - We may look at doing an Xbox specific app. The Microsoft guys were asking if we had one when we chatted with them at CES.

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Xbox One app would be GREAT!

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Please make an Xbox One app! I’ll be your friend. 

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currently Roku, FireTV, and AndroidTV, along with smartphones.  Today their CEO told them they were going to focus on FEATURES instead of more devices. 

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+1. Since XBOX ONE will be running Windows 10 soon, it would be great to have a Tablo app for Windows 10 (PC & XBOX ONE).