(COMPLETED) The "settings" should reveal the Serial Number!

This is really a HUGE problem for me now… i love the tablo concept. I hate the execution almost as much as i hate the support system: no one is ever available when i need them (which on usually on the weekend) as it’s for my elderly mom… This is a trivial stupid thing and I cannot add it to my account that i paid for… because i cannot get to the serial number physically.

Hey mate, the Settings page shows something called a mac address. That sounds distinctive so I’m sure support could translate that to a serial number for you, give them a ring.

Thanks but Why not just either let me enter MAC address on subscriptions or let me look it up. It’s clearly available in software anyway since it has to send it to the server.

If it’s such a HUGE problem for you why not make the tablo name the serial number. Then tablo development can work on problems that impact many more users.

This approach only helps if somehow the customer knows ahead of time that the serial number will be required to get support. You are assuming that the customer somehow knew ahead of time that (a) he or she was going to have some need arise that would require support and (b) it was going to be required to provide the serial number as a precondition of getting the support. Then yes on your assumptions, the customer might make the tablo name the serial number.

But if for sake of discussion we are going to accept your assumption that the customer somehow knew ahead of time that (a) he or she was going to have some need arise that would require support and (b) it was going to be required to provide the serial number as a precondition of getting the support, then we might as well assume that the customer wrote the serial number on his or her hand, or wrote it on a piece of paper and has been carrying the piece of paper around in his or her briefcase or backpack.

Now to return to the original point. The original point was (a) for some reason the entity providing support has decided that the serial number will be required for certain support tasks, and (b) as things now stand the only way to obtain the serial number is to get in a car and go to where the Tablo is and read the number from the bottom of the case. And © it would be trivially easy to add one more line of information on the “settings” web page. The “settings” page already reveals almost everything else about the particular Tablo, including the MAC address and the firmware version. Why not also spill the beans on the serial number?

I’m a pretty lazy person. I have multiple tablos and don’t see the problem. Of course there are any number of real problems.

Once a person discovers that a serial number is required and the person is either is unable too or can’t motivate themselves to locate the original box to read the serial number, maybe they should consider a completely different direction.

Of course they could actually log into their www.tablotv.com account and read the serial number that they used to register their tablo unit… But that might be too hard.

FYI… It is the MAC they use for support but logon to your tablo acount to find the “ID”

I’ve opened a number of help tickets and know they use the MAC address. The MAC address is shown on the settings page, the physical unit, and the box.

I couldn’t quite figure out the obsession with the serial number.

Of course if the problem is that no client will connect to the tablo unit the user will still have to motivate themselves and perform an extra step to obtain the MAC.

What a pity that readers cannot pay attention to the start of this thread when commenting upon it.

The screen for paying the $150 will not accept the MAC address that you keep talking about. It will accept the $150 only if the user is able to provide the “serial number”.

I understand that, mate, and also that you are a long distance away but your best bet is probably to contact the support by the email to get the serial number.

It does seem like a pain in the arse though!

Back to original topic:


I know, I know… old thread. Has this link ever changed? The info provided in “info” does not contain the serial number. The MAC is inserted in SID, but serial is not found here. Funny enough, the local IP is displayed, but not on the my.tablotv.com page.

Is there a way to add a DHCP client ID to the box so I can find it win my DHCP?

I have multiple tablos and the OG tuners insert an ID into the DHCP client id. Yet it’s not the user specified name but something like “tablo-dual”. But my dual 64 doesn’t - probably a bug. I think you will find that the right most 24 bits of the MAC is the hex representation of the serial number.

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Thanks for that. I talk HEX…
Cool. My Tablo never displayed any name. I have 3 devices doing the same thing, so figuring out which is which is a pain.

I have multiple tablo-dual’s. It would be nice if they used the user specified name. But it may not be available at the time of DHCP discovery/reservation. But if your DHCP server is working properly and it doesn’t loose power the IPV4 address remains the same for a long time. Mine have stayed the same for well over a year. Or you could assign static addresses to the devices.