Competition for Sling TV and maybe others

I used to have DaveTV before we went HD because with analog we only needed to ‘see’ one bird. With HD, I think there is a minimum (or max?) of 3 necessary for it to achieve the signal and with all the trees around us, it was impossible. That’s why we went to cable. I thought if only DTV would stream their signals over the internet, all of us folks with a poor view of the southern sky would have an alternative. I’d pay for that, I thought at the time. And viola! Here we are! But now…I’m not so sure. I think I’m getting pretty much everything I want between the Tablo and Sling TV (although I’m really missing the Golf Channel). Who knows? If the price isn’t too much higher than Sling’s. And will they carry locals?

The article doesn’t (won’t?) mention pricing and has me suspect. Sling TV went from 100K subs to over 600K subs in a year, probably from the low price alone.

I’m also worried about how AT&T is getting that “exclusive content” they mention. Networks better play it smart and not try to forge exclusive deals that only exist via that provider. That’s not a “win-win” for anyone but the cable companies.

I, too, am quite happy between Tablo and Sling TV (as well as other networks like Acorn TV). If Google Fiber ever comes around my neck of the woods I’ll be even happier.

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