Community wifi (no router) set up fails

I see similar but not same problem, so here goes.
My wifi has changed from cable/router system to a community wide wifi - no router system. We have access points throughout our residential community which show in a scan for wifi networks as having “No Security” similar to what I’ve seen in hotels. Once we set up our devices using our unique id/pw combination in a browser window they are permanently securely connected. If a device has no built-in display for browser entry of id/pw then I can sign it in using its MAC Address using another devices browser. Every one of my devices from computers to scanners to Google Home gadgets has been connected except for my Tablo. The Tablo showed its wifi once and I selected my network and that is the end of the story. Since then I have rebooted a hundred times and reset a similar number to no avail. I have connected to my old router so T could communicate for remote control with T support. Support’s response had some concerns about the router but that was not significant because the router will not be used again other than to set up T support hookup.
I would like to see the “TabloXXXX” signal once more to try wifi setup again but it is alluding me. It seems strange that even though I have reset the T a number of times when I wire it to my old router it still shows the name I gave it and remembers my channels.

Long story, but I have spent hours and hours trying and researching. Communication with T support is okay but days pass between message and response and I don’t think I have communicated my situation clearly because they keep referring to my router and I will no longer use a router.

If I"m understanding, you don’t have your own personal internet and home wifi network? Generally public wifi hotspots do not allow clients aka “things connected to them” to interact with each other. If this is you setup, your devices can’t see your tablo… your tablo can’t see your devices.

But I may not completely understand what community wide wifi with no router is. Without a router, how does networking work?

I have my own sub network within the structure of this public network. There are access points throughout the community and I can access my account from anywhere and actually travel anywhere within the community and not lose contact. Think of cellphones when you can be on a private telephone call while traveling from cell tower to tower without losing connection. I can wander about with my laptop. and stay connected printing on my printer connected with my Roku etc. It’s like a router with unlimited range throughout a large building. Wherever I am I just get on the wifi with my personal id/pw. I can connect with any of my personal devices and if I could get Tablo to connect like my roku and google home and printer, scanner 2 desktops, 1 laptop all would be fine.

OK, that’s not the same as -

id/pw is security and not open network.

I don’t understand this is the same as devices communicating on the same network.

Well there is cloud printing… this works via internet. I don’t have a Roku, so I don’t know about it connecting to a laptop, unless you plug it in - and it uses it’s own wifi.

–good luck

My network is classified as an enterprise network. Security is handled via MAC based authentication and the captive portal service with their user accounts. The RG Nets appliances handles all security on the back end.
Too bad I can’t connect to Tablo with a cable from my computer and simply set it up to my network.
The Tablo will not put out its TabloXXXX wifi on demand. It does it once in its lifetime and it seems to be gone forever thereafter.

Connecting Using Wi-Fi

Have you tried this?:

Note: If you have already connected to your Tablo with an Ethernet cable and wish to switch to a Wi-Fi connection, unplug the Ethernet cable and press and release the Reset button quickly (the blue button located in the back of the unit) before proceeding.

*Wi-Fi instructions are available for the rest of our supported platforms here.

FINALLY! I discovered the correct method to reset Tablo, It is not to hold down the button for 7 seconds and wait until light solid…The correct description is to hold that button down as long as it takes for the blue light to go off and stay off…then release the button and you are really reset.

Problem Solved.

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It sounds like a factory reset eventually got you up and running. For anyone wondering, the instructions for this can be found here.