Community Website Changes

In the past, this website had a scrolling up/down arrow on the right side of the page that you could grab it and move up & down to navigate messages within a topic.
This arrow would show the current message number along with the total messages within the topic. It would also show the date of the current message as well as the current message text.
The arrow made it easy to search through past messages to easily see progression of the topic discussion

Just recently the arrow has been replaced with a blue bar in the lower right of the page showing the current message number and total messages.
If you click on the blue bar, the double arrow appears in an empty field and allows you to scroll through the messages on at a time.

This “new feature” in my opinion makes it more difficult to review older topic messages and to get to the last messaged viewed and to the bottom of the message list.

I liked the previous method and actions for the double arrow.
Less complicated & more straight forward to navigate the community web pages.

Your opinion??

What browser are you using? I am using Chrome and the old behavior you describe is still active.

That’s interesting that you still have the original behavior.
I’m using Chrome 74 on a Dell laptop running Linux Debian 8.

Chrome on Win10. I have the vertical blue bar with a highlight (fatter blue bar) showing where I am in the thread, Cursor over the highlight section yields double arrow and scroll through messages with numbers and dates to the right of that blue bar.

Yep yardbird. That’s how my browser is working now.

I prefer the older website behavior, where I could see the end of the previous message and the beginning of the next message.
For me, this made it easier to see the progress of the messages within the topic.
I can still just scroll the page and see the messages similar to the old behavior.
To me, the new behavior seems a bit clunky.

I guess I don’t see the need for changing something that was working fine before. But a company’s gotta keep their designers/developers busy. Shades of Microsoft always changing their interfaces.
But that’s just my opinion.

I have always seen a solid bar with firefox debian 10 buster.

However I have noticed some changes, a :heavy_check_mark: below my reply box, notes about new users or users who haven’t posted for some time.

Can’t say which version tablo community has installed, but Discourse had an upgrade recently released, maybe…

We’re running 2.3.0! We’re living in the future!

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@discobot roll 2d3

:game_die: 1, 1